Forecast Week Beginning 4th June 2012

28 May 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Communication or agreements with others can start out crystal clear but then something can change, creating some doubt.  How things would be structured may not be clear.  Interference with home and family matters or routines already in place could be the case.  You can accomplish a lot in the future.  Much detail is involved.


Sorting out money matters could prove difficult.  Avoid any suggestions from others to take a risk or spend more than you normally would on basic needs.  The same goes for any pleasurable pursuits that appeal to you.  Consider what the last 12 months has been about and what you have changed on a personal level.


Pay close attention to what is happening with other people because it can affect your life for the next 6 months.  The main thing is not be distracted from your own path in life and to realise that you must primarily organise things for yourself.  This is because others are in a better position to get what they want, even from you.


Be careful of expressing your thoughts or ideas too openly because some sort of manipulation could be going on behind the scenes.  Wait for matters to change of their own accord.  There will be a change and then you will become clearer in your mind about the best decisions to make to benefit your own situation or needs.


There can be much to enjoy in the next 6 months connected to friends or groups of people that could have some sort of association with your past.  This might also have some connection to your work.  You could have the chance to look at things in a different light.  Don’t ignore points that don’t seem to be what you expected.


This week can produce a significant turning point personally especially when it comes to commitments you are prepared to accept.  You need to focus on the first stages of what you want to get established in the next 6 months.  Seeing further ahead is not possible.  Do what you feel comfortable about financially as well.


Making plans on a personal level for the future can seem straightforward, especially with anything with which you have had past experience.  When it comes to friends or a group of people it could be a different matter as they can be changeable and can overwhelm you.  You cannot rely on others because their motives are hidden.


Something you have been suspecting is the case with what somebody else really thinks or wants could begin to emerge and further develop during June.  There will still be hidden aspects though and that can be connected to any responsibility you might be expected to take on.  Focus on your own priorities and your finances.


The Lunar Eclipse occurs in your sign and this can be hugely beneficial to you over the next 6 months.  There will be a lot of involvement with others and this can increase your obligations.  For this reason you will need to stop and think about just what you are prepared to take on.  Be sure to establish some boundaries personally.


There is a lot you are not fully aware about when it comes to somebody else.  Something they say can alert your senses this week.  Encourage them to talk about it more during June.  It may alter the way you have been seeing your future since November.  Meanwhile you have plenty to focus on & take care of on a daily basis.


You could see an advantage to bring something from the past that you enjoyed into your future.  This could improve your general well being, which will require some attention to late June.  You could reach a turning point with a situation where somebody else seems to have too much control with matters you want to establish.


You can experience a release from mental pressure you have been feeling of late, connected to others.  It can free up your creativity, so it would be wise to involve yourself in activities you enjoy for relaxation.  There will not be a complete escape from home and family matters and their pressures.  Happiness is managing both.