Forecast Week Beginning 6th May 2013

29 April 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Your finances will likely require greater focus or attention, especially if your spending has been out of the ordinary lately.  If you are prepared to take a practical approach and stick to it then stabilising things should not be too difficult.  The boredom of it all could get you restless – you need to be strong with temptations.


The Solar Eclipse occurs in your sign, bringing a need to focus on anything you want to change about yourself and your life.  There is no rush – you can work on this over the next 6 months.  Face up to anything that seems to be slipping away from you.  Think about long-term goals and the steps required to eventually fulfil them.


Venus, the planet of balance and harmony moves into your sign this week where it will stay until 3rd June.  This is the time to weigh up all the things that have taken place in your life since your birthday last year.  This period has been a major turning point and you need to recognise what to let go of and what is best to increase.


New directions can begin to establish themselves with either friends or a group of people in which you are involved.  This can be personal or work related.  You need to think about the response that is likely expected from you and how this fits in with your own priorities in life.  This can be complex – don’t react quickly – be calm.


Something needs to be taken seriously.  The can be associated with new directions or a change of approach that needs to be established.  A lot of detail will be involved but this can be handled quite easily under the right circumstances.  This is more about making the decision to be committed and then acting on it religiously.


A different view of the future may begin to emerge based on whatever you feel you would prefer to move away from in life.  You will be encouraged to compare the value of certain obligations with the end result you gain.  You could realise that some of this time could be better spent on things you enjoy.  If so, change it.


Being determined to emerge from the pressure of everybody else’s expectations will begin to work.  This can place them in a new situation that they need to learn to cope with, over which you would have little influence.  Focus on your future goals as you certainly have choices.  Don’t accept anything that rocks your foundations in life


There can be significant changes between you and others during the next 6 months, putting a lot of pressure on you personally.  At the moment it will be difficult for you to recognise this.  Remain alert to what other people as saying as they are likely to be forthright with their comments.  Don’t be tempted to pass these off lightly.


Attention to detail is not your forte but any pressure placed on you now could have greater significance than what you see.  Others could be working in secretive ways, keeping more of an eye on you and how you handle things than you realise.  This could go on for 6 months.  Get clear on what is expected and work at doing it.


There can be a strong sense that things will go well for you, even though it is hard to know exactly how.  It might mean you will have to take a risk.  You are more of the nature to take measured risks and this is the way you should keep things.  As long as your decisions maintain whatever gives you basic security you will be OK.


There can be significant changes related to home and family over the next 6 months.  This can present challenges when it comes to any responsibilities you either have or accept.  You need to think about the foundations you want to put in place and take notice of any situations that seem to be having a draining effect now.


There could be too many choices right now with none of them providing a quick solution.  You will be seeking a sense of peace but even this doesn’t follow a singular path.  You need to wait for events to take their own course, as they will.  This will break down the present situation of too much being huddled together.