Forecast Week Beginning 31st October 2012

22 October 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Situations with others can suddenly become exciting and different.  This can include present relationships as well as new ones.  You might have changed more than you realise.  Whether this has longevity could be a different matter.  Changes can occur from mid November until mid December, after which your view could be altered.


The Full Moon occurring in your sign can make you realise transformations that need to be aimed at in the long-term future.  This has something to do with others and responsibilities attached to them or expected of you, where they are concerned.  You need to take a serious look at what you could lose and what they could gain.


Anything discussed or agreed to with others to mid November cannot be fully relied upon as something will change.  You are more at the mercy of their decisions than they are of your’s.  There is much developing behind the scenes and it is wise of you to wait for these things to become more obvious.  Careful analysis is necessary.


Benefits can come through networking.  There can be people in a powerful position who can wield greater influence than you realise. Your role is to present a well- balanced foundation to anything you need to put into place or begin to establish, up to 22nd November.  Be prepared to accept more responsibility with little warning.


Your reputation may have grown more than you realise and as a result you may now need to take a more serious approach to what is important to establish.  This can have a lot to do with whatever you have been involved with during the last 7 years.  Weigh up all possibilities because there could be some exciting future outcomes.


From now to mid November you will have the sense that you need to get things in place.  This could be generated by the response others expect or want of you.  You may not remain entirely settled as changes loom.  For this reason it would be wise to ensure you leave room to manoeuvre from mid November and mid December.


With Venus, your ruling planet, in your own sign until 22nd November you will want to be happy and settled.  You need to pamper yourself in an effort to gain a greater sense of peace about things.  The reaction from others could be interesting as well as unexpected in more ways than one.  Create an air of mystery in conversation.


Something could come to a head involving others.  Their position may not be what it seems and there could be jealousy involved.  Focus on your own commitments and any decisions you need to make accordingly.  There is still a lot to come to the surface requiring further decision making from mid November to mid December.


There can be a lot of distractions to mid November.  Look carefully at what you are dealing with and what is most important to you on a personal level.  Otherwise you could get involved in a lot but accomplish little.  There is a lot going on behind the scenes.  The end result will become evident and visible from mid December.


Contemplate your priorities while at the same time take a balanced approach to the obligations you are prepared to handle.  There needs to be a sense of underlying independence for you to feel you are gaining the proper control of circumstances you get involved in.  You can feel fortunate you are capable of being practical.


Matters involving home and family can come to a head requiring you to consider the level of commitment you are willing to make.  This could be more about letting go of things that put you under pressure rather than taking on more.  Don’t be tempted to make financial decisions that are risky or you could live to regret it.


Your expectations of somebody else can be coloured by what you would like rather than what they are really prepared to give.  You could eventually discover they expect you to take on the greater responsibility, which could continue to grow.  You have to learn to take a practical approach to what is realistic in the long term.