Forecast Week Beginning 5th November 2012

29 October 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Dealings with others should be pleasant.  Your ideas will be well received, especially in relation to anything you believe needs to be broken down in some way.  Their communication will seem straightforward.  However be prepared for them to either change their mind or retreat in some way during the next week, becoming secretive.


You will be happiest following your regular routines and spending money on little things that need replacing or fixing.  You could plan to do more than you actually get to.  Someone else could niggle at you in a dominating manner that you can find annoying.  Whatever they want can change again soon, so don’t be distracted by it.


There can be much to enjoy but you need to be mindful of overindulgence, even too much generosity towards others as you could end up being disappointed.  Whatever direction you expect things to take, associated with them could change because of them, not you.  Some sort of reliance on each other is not what it first seems.


Social activity will be most enjoyed at home or with family.  If this is something you arrange, keep it simple because your energy level is not good to cope with extra work.  You could equally benefit from having a lazy time at home and relaxing.  That way you could get a few small jobs out of the way, making you happy.


You can realise that for peace of mind it is imperative that you are able to do things your way.  This can involve friends or any situation within a group of people.  Any aggravation you have been experiencing about something that hasn’t been working could indirectly force you to consider your priorities more seriously, which is good.


You can feel it is time to put plans in place but don’t be too hasty.  However much you have gone over the details, things could still change during the next week.  Something will need to be rethought.  Part of the reason could be that you realise there is more responsibility expected of you than you imagined would be the case.


Any time you can take off to enjoy yourself or to travel will be time well spent, however long or short.  This can open your mind to new ideas.  Not that you will be in a position to implement them immediately but it is more the realisation that is important.  Part of this can be realising that you need to have some time to yourself.


There is much to contemplate that has to do with the level of personal commitment you either need to make or are willing to take on.  The expectations of others can be over the top.  Exactly what to do about this may not yet be clear – there is no rush.  Amongst other things, you may need to take financial repercussions into account.


Don’t rely on any willingness of somebody else to do things your way.  They could turnaround quickly because they don’t want to be influenced by you but actually want to direct what you can do.  You need to remain alert by keeping an eye on what is happening around you, as there is planning going on behind the scenes.


If you work on things you enjoy, you will accomplish a lot.  You will have to push yourself a bit because there will be more of a tendency to leave things until later.  You could feel guilty about any slackness of late when it comes to what is best for your health.  Some exercise is better than none – it makes you more positive.


Find time to involve yourself in things you believe in because this will give you a sense of pleasure that can have a positive effect.  Though you may not be able to put obligations completely to one side, you should not let them completely inhibit your enjoyment.  Plans made with friends can change, eventually happening later.


What somebody else desires could be supported by matters you would like to put into place.  You can have a sense that it is time to move forward.  Decisions about obligations will not be firm just yet as something will change.  For this reason, leave some room for flexibility later, mainly because long-term goals could alter slightly.