Forecast Week Beginning 3rd June 2013

27 May 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


There can be a sense of the right decisions to make, mainly because it satisfies others as well.  This can engender feelings of settledness and harmony.  Be careful about rushing things.  Think before you give an honest opinion or an answer.  Question why someone has such a query so you can realise what they are thinking.


You may not be feeling certain of yourself but rather than focus on this think about the changes you would like to make.  If there is anything new you want to learn, now is the time to do something about it.  More than one thing at a time can require your attention.  Others will be prepared to listen to what you have to say or suggest.


The New Moon this week occurs in your sign generating new directions on a personal level.  You can take further steps to changes that occurred about a year ago.  Best to consider what you want to develop in the next 2 years because there could be more work involved than you first realise.  Steady application is the way.


There can be much to enjoy, giving a sense of comfort and security where the future is concerned.  Venus moving into your sign until 28th June can encourage you to spend some money on yourself, which can include changing your appearance in some way.  Don’t be tempted to take on obligations that arise all of a sudden.


Something will seem to tell you that it is possible to establish the underlying security you now realise is important in life.  The way this will happen is just beginning to surface and can still take a while to be fully realised.  Focus on what should be your priorities, as they may need to be adjusted in the next few weeks.


Any situation that involves you with a group of people or friends should be greatly enjoyed.  You are in a good position to put your ideas forward, be listened to and to have any requests fulfilled.  Someone else may come up with alternative ideas but there is no need to accept them if they are too out of the ordinary for your liking.


You need to be mindful of what you consider a fair thing when it comes to obligations you accept and perhaps what others may expect you to take on.  Be mindful of the fact that they will want to remain free of impediment and will not consider how you might get tied up.  Develop a new approach to your future goals.


Concentrate on your personal position and what you consider you would enjoy developing in the long term.  Gauging where other people stand will be difficult.  For once they will be the mysterious ones, rather than you.  It is not worth spending too much time trying to work them out.  Their intentions will eventually surface.


Someone else could begin to change their attitude for the better.  This could be especially noticeable if you got off on the wrong footing in the past.  It is also possible that new people will come into your life.  Just be cautious about anything they try to push too quickly.  Give time for any initial excitement to settle down.


Any situation in which a compromise is necessary when it comes to someone else should be pursued from now to late June.  This is an excellent week to get a conversation going, though be careful about pushing anything too quickly.  There is preparedness by them to take new directions, but they won’t make it obvious yet.


Bringing harmony to daily routine or what can be reasonably handled is a necessary focus to the end of June.  Taking new directions when it comes to what can provide enjoyment in a restful way is important, especially if you have been attempting to handle too many things at once.  This needs to be balanced with obligations.


On one level you can feel very comfortable with the decisions you have or can make but anxious when it comes to getting it all settled.  Your problem is being able to see the complete picture when what this requires is one step at a time.  It may take 2 years to complete matters.  Now is the time to take those first steps forward.