Forecast Week Beginning 27th May 2013

20 May 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


You will feel it is time to move forward and put ideas of late into order or set about getting some sort of foundation in place.  There will be a desire to settle things somehow.  If you expect it to be straightforward, it won’t be.  Rethinking will be required and either further conversation or fact-finding will be necessary.


Whatever you have needed to let go of from mid April can now lead to change and feel less draining.  Part of this can be deciding what you want to do as opposed to what someone else expects.  You need to bring this sort of pressure to an end now.  It will clear your mind and make you realise there are a number of choices available.


Life will get even busier with Mars moving into your sign until 13th July.  This signals the beginning of a new 2-year personal cycle.  It is the time to decide upon where your energy needs to be directed based on what you have experienced since June last year.  Confidence to deal with matters effectively will be greatly enhanced.


Mercury, the planet of thought and communication will move into your sign where it will stay for an extra long period of time – to 8th August.  There will be much to think about on a personal level and although you might initially think your mind is settled there will be changes and the need to review or reconsider.  No need to rush.


You can begin to see a different side, even release yourself from obligations that have had a draining effect.  With this you can recognise different opportunities that can be either developed or will be available in the long term.  Involvement with friends or a group of people can step up a notch.  Find time for contemplation.


Considering your priorities will be paramount to early August.  Right now you probably realise you need to release yourself from some sort of pressure.  Someone may not be pleased about this leading to a more aggressive or dominant approach, related to what is expected from you.  This can be hard to untangle but work on it.


You finally completely move on from the pressures others have been applying.  This has likely resulted in a different view of the future, based on however you need to ensure you are not restricted.  Commitments you are willing to accept will start to become uppermost in your mind.  There is a lot to consider so don’t rush decisions.


There is a lot that others will not be open about with you.  Your nature can cope with this quite well by ignoring them to a large extent.  Focus on your own needs and responsibilities because this is what you will have to take care of. Eventually all these secrets will come out in the open, enabling you to make plans for the future.


Activity with others will increase but it can be more about them than it is about you.  Anything promised may become hard to exactly determine – a secretive element may develop.  It is better to concentrate on those who are prepared to be open and expressive – you will know where you stand more.  You are being recognised.


You can suddenly become more motivated with anything you know has been needing more attention but you have been lazy about.  This can include the need to pay more attention to your health and perhaps exercise.  Communication with others is entering an important phase to 8th August, including no instant results.


Whatever has gone through a breaking down process from mid April will now move on to a stage where greater pleasure and enjoyment can be developed.  It may seem out of step with the pressure of obligations you also need to deal with.  Health can require greater focus to early August.  This is out of the ordinary and important.


Whatever you have been working on getting settled so that you have a sense of a solid foundation to work from will receive another injection of energy to mid July.  From now you need to think in terms of getting things in order for the next 2 years.  Your focus can be more definite about what has seemed important since last June.