Forecast Week Beginning 3rd September 2012

27 August 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Doing things your way may not have the desired effect when it comes to others.  They want security with commitment in some way and may very well realise this is not your first choice.  Best to focus on things that can be enjoyed.  To venture into what they really think or expect can be too complex for you to want to bother with.


You need to think in a detailed manner about what you should put some effort into getting in place in your life.  This could also involve regular exercise.  The time to do this is to early October.  Family or matters at home can be involved and although it is not something that excites you there can be a sense of peace once it is done.


You will be busy – it would be wise to look ahead and get things in place to minimise any problems later.  Detail needs to be dealt with thoroughly.  This is not one of your strong points – ignoring it is not wise.  Money may need to be spent on more practical things.  Not doing this can make you later realise your wastefulness.


You will feel comfortable about being sensible, especially with matters that involve the home or family.  The temptation to spend more than necessary can occur from now to early October.  There is much to gain pleasure from that does not require much spending.  Challenging conversations with others can keep you very occupied.


With Venus moving into your sign until 3rd October, there can be much to enjoy.  At the same time there is a need to put your energies into getting things in place and if you are diligent with this aspect, you will get much pleasure from the persistence required.  There will also be contact with friends or groups of people to juggle.


When it comes to decisions on a personal level you can feel confident and strong- minded.  This is where you should keep your focus.  If you worry too much about why or how others won’t fit in, you can be completely taken off track.  Obligations are likely to be increasing.  You need to ensure you keep them at a realistic level.


You need to take one last look at keeping your commitments balanced.  You will have the opportunity to early October to enjoy the company of friends or to join a group that will provide some escape from normal routine.  There can be much to contemplate about differences between others behaviour and what you want.


You should feel certain and confident about where you want to head.  You need to focus on your priorities and then taking whatever action is required to put them in place.  This may restrict the freedom that somebody else expects to have.  Perhaps it is time they started to look at life differently.  Be balanced regarding obligations.


Someone’s true intentions can begin to become more obvious, giving you some idea of future goals.  Others have a great deal of influence and you need to take this into account when it comes to the commitments you make.  A degree of secretiveness on your part is necessary to protect yourself from becoming bogged down by others


You could suddenly realise how your long-term future can be transformed while at the same time recognising the extensive detail that will need to be dealt with along the way.  This can bring realisations of becoming more black and white where priorities are concerned.  You can be formidable once you get this rightly organised.


Pleasant interaction with others should occur from now to early October.  They will also have their secrets but this is something you might be better putting to one side.  The obligations you need to deal with and what you would prefer to be doing can be at odds.  Best to focus on anything you ultimately want to get rid of.


Pleasures of late may begin to take their toll.  If your energy level is low, ensure you get plenty of rest.  Someone may expect more from you than you first realised.  They are putting themselves first  – it is this point you need to remember.  You have a natural tendency to make sacrifices but this is one time you should pull back.