Forecast Week Beginning 10th September 2012

3 September 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


There could be some pleasant surprises that may involve social activity in some way.  You should accept any invitations that are out of the ordinary.  New people could come along with whom you have an instant rapport.  You would need to see how this would impact on already established obligations.  Let time take its course.


It may be necessary to break away from normal routine.  This shouldn’t cause you too much of a problem.  You could also decide it is time to make changes and do something where you have wondered about the possibility of it being enjoyable.  You should not let an opposite opinion of others stand in the way of you doing this.


There can be many things you want to do and one thing can lead to another.  Success will lie in getting the detail organised – this is not always one of your strong points.  You have the opportunity to make a new start in this direction.  If you are prepared to try it out, you could find it will stimulate your creativity tremendously.


You can be full of new ideas and to make the most of them you must not allow a desire for control by somebody else to interfere.  You need to deal with authority or obligations in an alternative manner.  This involves being certain about what you know you will enjoy as well as any money you are prepared to spend or not spend.


You are unlikely to deal with things as you normally would and this might seem rebellious to others.  It will give you much pleasure.  Be cautious of spending money on something that instantly appeals to you.  It might provide newness for the moment but whether it will mean lasting value in the future could be another thing.


You can be in the limelight so make the most of any opportunity to take matters down the path you want.  You might also realise that even though many other people might be doing what you do, there is no race to the finish.  It is the personal satisfaction you will eventually experience from pursuing and gaining your goal.


There can be pleasant surprises associated with others – this could also involve a group of people.  New directions are developing in life but exactly what they will mean and how they will develop is a mystery.  It still gets back to what you need to be responsible for or what you are prepared to accept as obligations.  Don’t forget it.


Give thought to your true wishes because new opportunities can begin to present themselves in small ways.  It will require you to pay attention to recognise them.  Being more adventurous may be necessary as well as being prepared to alter daily routine in some way.  This does not mean that it will take enjoyment away though.


Changes of a beneficial nature can occur with your work or anything that you are responsible for.  People in authoritative positions can be impressed with your skills.  You will make greatest progress because your concern has just been to get on with things.  This can make you feel comfortable about the future in unexpected ways.


What you believe in is important.  What other people think you should believe in is not.  You can become aware of new directions that you want to develop in the long term as well as perhaps things you will need to learn to be able to do so.  None of this has to happen instantly.  Look into the steps you will need to put in place.


There is much that someone else could be keeping to themselves, mainly because they are in no rush to make matters final.  Don’t let this bother you and don’t be afraid to ask questions because this will keep the lines of communication open between you.  This can be enjoyable and could actually produce nice surprises.


There will be much activity from others – some of this can involve new directions they want to take, from which they can benefit.  It may not be what you expected.  Your sense of the outcome could be different to their expectations.  It is more for you to observe rather than participate.  They have to learn to work things out.