Forecast Week Beginning 7th January 2013

7 January 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


There could be conflict between what you consider important priorities and what somebody else expects thinks should be the case.  Both of you can be stubborn about this.  You will not be able to avoid some sort of commitment or obligation so it would be best to work out what you are prepared to compromise to be happy.


You can find a way clear from the expectations of others.  To early February you need to set your goals for the year.  Don’t ignore any issues that you somehow suspect might cause a problem – they probably will.  This could be more about people who you never know where you really stand with them.  Protect yourself.


Your health or general fitness level likely needs some attention.  You won’t feel keen to get yourself motivated.  There is no point embracing fads because you will get bored with them and end up going nowhere.  The slow, committed and steady approach is going to pay off in the long run whether with health or anything else.


There will be a lot of social activity involving others until early February – enjoy it while you can.  There will be those who are different, creative and willing to please and others who could be jealous, controlling and secretive.  Plenty of variety!  Even so, nothing needs to stop you from being who you want to be or doing your thing.


Someone isn’t giving up too easily but they may not be aware that you are not the type of person to change your habit patterns readily.  You have things to tidy up or get sorted that have been left because of recent social activity.  There can be a lot more coming your way and you will very pleased you did do all the little jobs.


If you have had a holiday it will be very difficult to get back to work because you are going into another level of holiday mode until early February.  It may also manifest as ongoing social activity.  Others will be very persuasive and although you can feel guilty about what you should be doing, you may as well enjoy it while it lasts.


You will want to get some sort of balance back into home or the family routine.  It may not be that easy as it will be difficult to ascertain the future direction that either some people or situations will be taking.  You might also find you are the only one who thinks this is important while everybody else is happy to run with the moment.


You can accomplish a lot that might need doing around the home or putting your energy into getting anything important to you organised, will engender feelings of satisfaction.  You are prepared to communicate, but getting someone else to tell you what they think or want can be a different matter.  Focus on what you can do.


Spending needs to stop – it is time to be more practical with your resources, particularly to early February.  You might ask some definite and straightforward questions but you won’t get those types of answers.  This can tell you more about a person than what they actually say.  Focus on people and situations that are fun.


Venus, the planet of leisure, pleasure and social activity moves into your sign until 2nd February.  This is the time to pamper yourself and if you don’t want to spend money, don’t go shopping because you will find so many things you like.  You will also be attracted to out of the ordinary situations, even people – a pleasant change.


You feel very determined right now and this will last to early February.  Even so, there are a lot of things that are unclear.  They will become more evident in this time as well.  As they do, you should act immediately in relation to ensuring your position is secured in a way that suits you because it can be everybody for themself


Activity with friends or a group of people can be pleasant indeed – somehow time will drift away, leaving little time for things that should be done at home.  You will probably feel guilty, but that can pass!  You could also catch up with someone you haven’t seen in a long time.  Find some quiet time to consider your next step.