Forecast Week Beginning 12th November 2012

5 November 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Whatever brainwaves you get in relation to the future will need to go on hold for a while.  It might be one thing to think about what you want but how someone else views this could be a different matter.  You will need to focus on here and now commitments until late December.  There is much you can accomplish in this time.


The need to revisit or reassess situations involving others can arise to mid December.  You are not in a good position to know where you stand or how you could be affected.  There is little point attempting to direct any of this.  You need to simply wait for them to make their moves and then decide how you will respond.


You could start to change your mind on something you were prepared to accept with somebody else, mainly because uncertainty, involving commitment, could arise.  You need to revert to analysing the implications associated to mid December, mainly because the picture is probably not as complete as you thought.  Be patient.


Activity with others will step up a notch or two from now to late December.  You may discover you are appreciated more than you thought.  Review the things you enjoy about life from now to mid December, especially where others are concerned.  Pleasure will blend with what is serious in some way, during the next 6 months.


After some distractions and perhaps laziness of late it is now time to get back to taking a self-disciplined approach to the foundations you need to put in place.  This could involve the home and family in some way but it may simply be what you need to organise for yourself.  Setting up a good routine will enable incredible progress.


You need to get used to distractions while at the same time finding ways to maintain some regularity.  It is more likely to be a lesson in deciding things for yourself and not leaving yourself open to responding to others.  Look at what you need to enjoy for the next 2 years – this may mean taking up a hobby or interest.


You can create a good space for yourself right now and this may involve detaching yourself from the drama in other people’s lives.  You could also realise there is not much point in commenting.  Get your mind back on your own affairs.  There is a lot you can accomplish it getting a good base to your life organised to late December.


The Solar Eclipse this week occurs in your sign.  This can bring change and new directions into life during the next 6 months.  Much will be to do with commitments you are willing to make personally and these will have a long-term influence.  There can be life-changing events.  This is something you may be beginning to sense.


You will be moving back and moving forward at the same time.  As a result, there will be a lot to review or think over.  You need to find quiet time to yourself for this to mid December and keep ideas to yourself.  You cannot completely escape the influence others have but you need to learn to let them show their position more.


With Mars moving into your sign until 26th December you are beginning a new 2- year personal cycle.  Your self-confidence will increase and your energy level will lift, providing you with plenty of opportunity to improve anything that concerns you personally.  Reassess matters that should become your priorities to mid December.


Expect hold-ups or frustrations to late December.  Whatever you might have decided you want recently will require some serious thinking and strategic planning to mid December.  Involved in this could be ending something and if this is the case, don’t be afraid to consider this path.  It is about long-term commitments.


Be realistic about anything you haven’t liked the look of recently, especially if it would have some limiting effect on you.  This could involve a commitment you have expected from somebody else and how this would impact on your own obligations.  It is more their backtracking than your own that can alert you to take another look.