Week Beginning 16th April 2012

9 April 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


You will have more luck, from now to 9th May with decisions you attempted to make during March that seemed to go nowhere.  What is really right could suddenly become clear as well as aspects that need to be left behind.  There could also be financial benefits or new opportunities that arise that were not evident before.


The New Moon will occur in your sign, which will give a sense of making a new start or the drive to do something about anything you want to change.  This could involve someone else.  They could be more generous or willing than you expect.  Even so, you need to give yourself time, to early May, to carefully think these things over.


It is necessary to consider what needs to be brought to an end to make way for putting your energy into getting a good foundation in place.  This can involve obligations you have recently decided you do not want to be tied to.  Something that seemed important for pleasure can become less so, as you seek to create a balance.


You need to put your mind to matters you either need or are prepared to be responsible for.  You could also be in a position to modify these from the way they have been dealt with in the past.  New friendships will have some sort of longevity attached to them.  A robust exchange of ideas can give you plenty to think about.


Any lazy or drifting tendencies of late need to change or you will get too far behind with things that need to be done.  Money making concerns can begin to move ahead, even take new directions.  A different vision of the long term may also start to emerge, bringing with it an awareness that other things need to be left behind.


It is important that you believe in yourself because you are now in a good position to move forward with future goals.  You may feel you cannot move beyond the influence of others but this could be something you need to deal with by not allowing this to stop your personal progress.  Juggling the two can work out.


You are now in a better position to get agreements from others that you expected in March but that has been eluding you.  There still this unknown element attached to the true desires of others but it may not be something to worry about.  You can become aware of who is wasting your time and move on, clearing the path ahead.


New people can come into your life on either a personal or business level that will prove beneficial.  There will be an openness or generosity attached to them.  This might also allow you to bring an end to any situation that has seemed game playing or mysterious.  It might also be time to pay greater attention to health and fitness.


Taking a new approach with obligations you need to deal with on a regular basis can prove easier than you expected, especially if you have felt overwhelmed by what needs to be done.  Your health could benefit in the process.  Somebody else could also generate this by having a view of you as having not been responsible enough.


There can be change for the better, opening up your future prospects in more ways than is first evident.  This can require you to rethink goals you have had in mind as well as restructure the way you have been going about things so far.  Seriously look at anything that does not give you a degree of pleasure.  It is best left behind.


There can be much to think about until early May.  This can involve the need to gather information, make enquiries and perhaps do a lot of running around.  You can put down some solid foundations that will develop nicely over time if you patiently maintain persistence.  Focus on the things you can influence yourself.


Someone else can be prepared to listen to your ideas, which could be a big change from what has been taking place.  This will not only bolster your confidence but will open up your mind to other things that are possible.  You need to consider what will give you the greatest sense of peace and not engage with people who upset this.