Week Beginning 23rd April 2012

16 April 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Things can suddenly make sense while at the same time give you a feeling of being fortunate.  Anything you have been trying to put together or sort out involving finances will also fall into place.  There can be some sort of finality attached to it.  You cannot escape having to take care of details but at least progress is being made


Surprises can arise, even with matters that seem straightforward.  You would be wise to keep future expectations flexible for this reason.  Something you haven’t been able to make sense of or fully understand could suddenly become clear.  Be cautious with money matters or you could end up spending more than you plan.


You will be tempted to express yourself exactly as you see it.  You need to think of the consequences first as this could affect a worthwhile friendship.  Somebody is being more subtle or secretive than you realise.  This is because they want to maintain some sort of control.  Keeping things balanced can make you feel drained.


There can be much to get done and it can seem that you never stop being busy.  This can also include a lot of running around.  You might need to work out how much of this is generated by somebody else when they are quite capable of taking care of certain aspects themselves.  Think about ways to streamline obligations.


You can feel as though you have learnt something and this can alter the way you look at the future.  Involved in this can be a greater belief in yourself and your capabilities. Before you spend your money too freely, think about the true need and whether you could require this for more practical purposes in the future.


You can feel more confident about yourself and your future than you have in a while.  Don’t allow yourself to be affected by somebody who seems intent on being rebellious or defiant.  In an odd way it can encourage you to respond in the same manner.  Focus on what you believe in and the future directions you want to take.


Someone else can come up with some interesting ideas especially in relation to the way you need to get things structured.  It might also be that any sudden turn of events in somebody else’s life can make you realise that it is wise to wait and see.  There is more than one option.  You need to see exactly what will eventually emerge.


An interesting situation can develop with somebody else.  Friendship will be involved but you may wonder whether there is something more.  You can find yourself thinking about things differently than usual but at the same time it can be wise to consider just how much change you would really be prepared to make.


You can have a sudden urge to deal with practical matters.  It will be easy to get all those little things out of the way that you have been meaning to deal with for a while now.  If you have put on weight since June, you will now be more motivated to put a routine in place to get back to what you were.  It doesn’t have to stop your fun.


You can feel more powerful but not in a way where you have to control everything around you.  It will more give a sense of not having to worry about the future – that it will be all right and you will be quite capable of coping with whatever needs to be dealt with.  You will be mentally determined to do things your way – it will work.


Someone else might need to learn that you are more resolute about what you will and will not accept than they have believed.  Secrets could come into this on both sides.  You must be unwavering when it comes to keeping yours.  This will eventually encourage them to be more open, allowing you to get something in place


Actions somebody else is prepared to take can open up an exchange of ideas.  It could make you feel more confident about your ability to understand where they are coming from.  It may not alter their determination to do things their way.  The difference is that you can realise the influence you can have.  This will be satisfying.