Week Beginning 26th March 2012

19 March 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


It will be difficult to have any sense of personal control over the things going on around you.  This can be highly frustrating, creating impatience.  Whatever progress you thought you were making could seem to disappear.  You need to step back and think about what has been going on.  You could get some surprising answers.

You are in quite a strong position, even though you may feel helpless when it comes to getting things fully settled and in place.  Your concentration needs to be on what you consider important priorities to you personally.  Getting bogged down with details won’t help and can engender a negative attitude when you should be positive


You need to rethink your obligations to early April and how much any of this has limited anything you have been trying to establish.  Your thinking will be much clearer if you can find time to yourself, away from things to relax.  To do this might mean challenging pressures placed on you from the expectations of someone else.


You have got the opportunity to learn things about yourself and the way you respond to control other people expect to have.  There could be a big difference between the ways you view the importance of things you are prepared to commit yourself to and how others interpret your behaviour with this, perhaps wrongly.


To early April is a good time to review anything you want to get rid of, especially if it produces little enjoyment or pleasure.  You can also realise that to fulfil future goals you need to be more diligent with detail.  It is the only way to keep things under control.  It will also prove helpful when sudden changes arise without any warning.


You can feel as though you are in a void while at the same time more at the mercy of others.  It can be difficult to rouse a fighting spirit and that is not entirely necessary right now.  It is better to concentrate on what would give you pleasure to see fulfilled in the future.  Also to wonder of the benefits that will come out of now.


Others tend to be forceful, very prepared to do things their own way, which can include some rebellion.  This can have something to do with endings that they are not managing but which you would like to see finished with.  This could affect your health if you allow yourself to get too anxious.  Return to a health regime that works


You can feel held back while others seem to have no problem in getting what they want or they are generating increased improvement.  They need to be careful of going too far.  Focus on your priorities and any aspects involved that bog you down.  These may need a more up to date approach that might include modern technology.


Out of the ordinary can appeal to you and prove enjoyable but it won’t allow a complete escape from obligations that seem to have more influence than anything else.  Many things won’t seem to fit together.  You could have insight into what somebody else has to learn when it comes to their desires but they won’t see it.


You could think somebody else has to learn a lesson but you need to keep yourself under control if you want to take action to ensure this happens.  Whatever they have to learn will happen in its own way.  You need to focus your energies on anything you want to change about your own life and establishing the groundwork to do so.


You will get greatest pleasure from being able to relax at home and the opportunity this gives you to think about where you are at in your life.  It is more about reflecting on these things than being able to change them right now, especially where others are concerned.  They probably don’t know what they can manage.


You could feel as though you are back where you started.  There is something you need to breakdown in your mind.  Try not to let outside influences confuse you or take you off track.  The only way to make sense of things is to weigh up the pros and cons or one thing against another.  This can then result in a balanced view.