Week Beginning 2nd April 2012

26 March 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Whatever you have found necessary to rethink or contemplate over the last week or so can begin to make more sense.  With this can come some ideas of how best to move forward although it is not time for that to occur just yet.  Someone else can change their position because of their own matters coming to a head in some way.


There has been much to focus on personally since early March.  This is changing to your finances or anything else that have a link to your finances until early August.  Right now you need to avoid any temptation to take a risk or enter into matters too swiftly as it could fall apart.  You can look at these matters, as you want to see them


You can begin to gain a clearer perspective on what is right for you to be committed to after having to rethink this for the last week or so.  Venus, the planet of peace, balance and harmony moves into your sign this week for a very long stay – until the 7th August.  This will encourage you to strongly question what makes you happy.


Contact with family will be greater than usual.  Anything you feel you should be dealing with at home can reach a stage where you cannot leave it any longer.  At the same time there can be a tendency to avoid it to partake in more pleasurable activities that can include rest.  Forge on; it will be worth the peace of mind it brings


Unbeknown to you somebody else has decided on a direction they want to move forward with.  This won’t become obvious before mid April.  You will experience a greater number of contacts with friends and people you have not seen in a long while beginning now until your birthday.  Don’t let this prove too distracting.


Pay attention to the position others begin to take from now to mid April.  There could be some subtle moves towards you accepting greater levels of commitment or responsibility.  You will be more certain of how you want to move forward from mid April and you need to then see the response you will get in relation to this.


The Full Moon will occur in your sign and this coupled with your ruling planet Venus moving into a highly favourable position to early August can give a sense that life is beginning to please you more.  This will not negate certain obligations that you need to continue to deal with.  There could still be someone you cannot fully trust.


There is something building up behind the scenes, which is connected to others somehow.  There has likely been openness and generosity from early March but that can now begin to change.  This could be based on you not having moved forward in ways they expected.  This has been wise on your part and now you need to wait.


Your dealings with other people will become busy and highly accentuated from now until early August.  There will be periods where things are not clear.  You could also find aggressiveness with expectations of what you should take responsibility for.  You need to be mindful of what others could be experiencing as draining in life.


You can now move forward with whatever you have been thinking about but not having put into play.  First, be sure you are clear on any matter that was confusing.  There will be some details you will need to remain focussed on until early August to get something to a more balanced state.  This might include your health as well.


There can be much to enjoy to early August so relax as much as you possibly can and just go with the flow.  This is more about finding pleasure from the simple things in life without spending money you really don’t need to spend.  You need to switch of from what you cannot work out about other people.  Leave them to it.


At last you can move forward with your decisions after all the changes that have been going on since mid February.  You can gain clarity of mind when it comes to the effect others have been having on you, either through the response they have wanted from you or the changes they have been making.  Time to think of yourself.