Forecast Week Beginning 30th April 2012

23 April 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Mixed messages can occur between you and others.  For this reason you need to ensure that they have actually understood what you have said or they will involve themselves as you expect.  Details can be annoying to you and if you have not taken care of these things properly they can definitely cause you some problems.


A matter can come to a head with somebody else or something you have been waiting to fully develop involving another person could occur.  You are in the stronger position but you should also be mindful that they may not feel you are listening to them and whatever concerns they might have.  Don’t be blind to this.


There is something to enjoy either with friends or any involvement with a group of people.  This could be in any set of circumstances.  Your energy level will not be high so you need to be watchful about overdoing indulgences as this could easily put your general well being out of kilter.  It is not worth creating this scenario.


You could be in for some pleasant surprises.  There are hidden influences and you can be too impulsive when it comes to agreements that represent some sort of obligation to you, mainly because you will be keen to express your thoughts.  Hold back and see how others plan to put this in place.  It can alter the picture you have.


Matters regarding home and/or family can reach a turning point that encourages you to consider how this changes what have been long-term obligations.  More important is to free yourself up to be able to take advantage of gaining greater recognition or to take on increased responsibilities in areas you want to develop.


The things somebody else expects can cause you aggravation.  Don’t be encouraged to act in haste out of frustration.  Concentrate on the future you would like to develop long term and how you think this can grow.  You could also look into any learning that might be helpful.  Approaching things this way has a calming effect.


A financial matter can at last be sorted although you may feel the other party has got the better end of the deal.  More important is to view what you want to get on with and people attached to that.  There can still be some hold-ups in waiting for decisions or final answers.  It could also be that you simply can’t move too quickly.


The Full Moon occurs this week in your sign allowing you to complete matters that are important personally.  This will involve others in a way that pressure will be applied if they feel they have been waiting on you for too long.  This can be a precursor to definite commitments you will need to take on in the next 2 years.


There is a lot developing behind the scenes.  You need to be careful you do not become a slave to circumstances that eventually begin to unfold.  Be mindful of how pleasurable activities could be limited and whether interference with people whose company you enjoy could also take place.  Things open up more from mid June.


Any situation involving you with a group of people can result in a lot more pleasure than you anticipated.  Concentrate on getting the more immediate requirements of you dealt with.  Long-term matters can wait, even though you may feel frustrated at running out of time for getting on with this.  July to October much can be sorted out


The level of commitment or responsibilities attached to whatever you want to put into place and develop should become completely obvious.  You need to question what you would enjoy because you will have the opportunity to make these choices.  At the same time you may need to deal with pressure from the desires of others.


What you have learnt and where that can take you in the future should bring a sense of security in your mind.  If you want to expand your knowledge, that will also be possible.  Your mental determination can be stronger than it has been in a long time.  Any displeasure generated from somebody else should simply be ignored.