Forecast Week Beginning 8th July 2013

1 July 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


There can be some surprises of an unexpected and pleasant nature.  You must guard against taking risks on the spur of the moment.  You need to focus on putting ideas you have been considering since late May into some sort of stable foundation.  This can mean dropping things that you cannot reasonably handle.


You could come to understand the reason for resistance somebody else has been displaying.  They are prepared to move forward as long as they are assured of stability.  Underneath it all you could feel rebellious.  Even if you don’t want to agree, there is a softer way to go about this.  New ideas you have could be accepted.


New directions connected to your money requires your attention.  This could include your work.  Be very careful of making large long-term financial commitments right now.  If this is necessary, go for the minimum.  You may decide it is time to look at what you have been spending and break this down.  You can successfully save.


The New Moon is in your sign this week providing opportunities for a fresh start.  Mars moves into your sign as well until 28th August, creating a new 2-year personal cycle.  Mentally you will be intent on finding ways to move forward though you cannot yet see how this will pan out.  Things are on the move – just be patient.


Your desire to create change in the future that leads to greater personal self- satisfaction is entirely possible.  There is much to develop that cannot yet be seen or fully understood.  Most important is that you maintain stability in situations that currently support you in life.  Be happy in doing this and the rest will follow in time.


Any pressure you have been under since late May, will now ease.  As a result, you will now be clearer on what your priorities need to be.  You will realise that there are certain obligations that cannot be dropped but there is a likelihood they can be scaled down.  Think about how now then work on it consistently to late August.


You can have unexpected success in getting what you want from situations involving others, especially if this means creating new directions when it comes to responsibilities.  You need to be firm when it comes to your wishes, as they will be looking at less on their part and more on yours.  It doesn’t have to be that way.


You have come to a turning point that will allow you to move forward after feeling stuck since mid February.  This can give you a new perspective on future possibilities that you can begin to act on immediately.  Not all information will be available yet.  It would be wise to consider anything you need cut down on to cope.


You need to be secretive in or about any situations where other people might be inclined to work against you because you are not in a strong position to succeed here.  This can be anybody who has been aggressive towards you since late May.  You can be lucky through people you know have surely supported you consistently.


Your life will be more in response to what other people are generating.  This can include new directions they decide to take.  It can certainly create a busy time for you but knowing where it is all heading is something you should not try to work out. Don’t lose sight of your priorities – you will be more inclined to commit to them now


New directions involving general health and wellbeing may require you to think about what you have been doing in the past.  More exercise could be helpful to late August as a means of lifting your energy levels.  It might also be necessary to look at re-organising daily routines as well an eye of cutting down rather than increasing


New opportunities that can certainly be pleasurable will need to be considered and developed over a 2-year period.  Take on things you can manage yourself because you cannot rely on others to remain on the path they now believe will be the case.  You can be very lucky if you proceed with caution.  Watch impulsive spending now.