Forecast Week Beginning 1st July 2013

24 June 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Don’t be tempted to change things quickly, especially if your personal freedom seems restricted.  Pressure can come from someone else regarding expectations of you.  This is disconnected from matters you need to get bedded down for your own security.  Be mindful of not repeating past errors – you can move on once and for all


You can be put under pressure again because someone else is not satisfied with how things were sorted out in the past.  You need to stand your ground because in all likelihood there is pressure to accept greater obligations.  You can feel rebellious underneath it all, which is an effective form of determination, when kept hidden.


You will get greatest pleasure applying yourself to little things that need to be cleared up or sorted out, especially if they should have been dealt with a while ago.  You have got the energy to get on with matters and once you start you will feel encouraged to continue.  You could find yourself reassessing what is important.


Those who expect to have control could find themselves dealing with a greater force than they anticipated with you.  Your confidence will now increase.  You have the ability to understand where you might have gone wrong in the past and will be most determined not to go down that path again.  Authority can be handled differently.


Focus on the actions you need to take to become satisfied with anything you know needs to have a well-structured base.  Doing this now will pay dividends in the future.  This can include home and family matters as well as personal.  There is a lot going on behind the scenes.  This is something you will need to get used to for now.


You will be more interested in taking it easy and leaving things until later, while perhaps at the same time feeling guilty about doing so.  This won’t last forever so don’t worry too much.  Contact with a group of people or friends from the past, is possible.  This can be another influence that takes you out of your normal routine.


Be determined about your own priorities.  This can include obligations you have decided to move on from.  Others want to do their own thing and can seek you out to make it easier for them.  Any obligations you take on can rapidly increase and this is what you need to think about before you agree.  Leave an out, if you need it.


The more pleasure you can get from commitments you are prepared to make the greater will be your personal progress.  These need to be your own decisions.  You can begin to see long-term goals from a different perspective in that you are beginning to feel more confident in being able to accomplish them and so you can.


Others will be focussed on themselves.  You can sense that what they expect and what you want are two different things.  Though there is a degree of secretiveness about them that can raise some doubts.  Concentrate on what would give you greatest pleasure to accomplish in the future and keep it to yourself at the moment.


No matter how important someone else thinks they might be, your natural down to earth manner has the ability to ground any matters that need to be dealt with.  Finding alternative ways to get matters in order is a skill you have developed in the last two years.  Others can discover you have more power than they presumed.


Be sure you are not taking on all the responsibility leaving others to have more pleasure than you.  You could also be charmed into these situations, so be careful.  You should review the things you handle on a daily basis – what is necessary and what is not as matters will have a way of growing and taking up valuable time.


Going back to something you have enjoyed in the past could bring a great deal of satisfaction.  At the same time it cannot negate the need for a responsible approach in the long term.  Incorporating small things of pleasure on a daily basis can take any boredom away as well as any tendency not to persist, as you know you should.