Forecast Week Beginning 20th May 2013

13 May 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


You can feel agitated and find it difficult to pin down exactly why.  It will have some connection to either pressures or obligations that limit your freedom.  It may be more about the way you think about this than whatever it is you need to cope with.  There is something necessary about it and once you accept this you can feel free.


It will be difficult to take actions to implement directions you want to take.  Someone else can react in a way you least expect, mainly because they are not pleased.  This can stir underlying rebellion in you.  If you maintain your general patient nature you can eventually work out some sort of suitable alternative.


Something is changing and it is likely to involve someone else.  It could be their position will become more obvious, making you realise how this can affect you.  If you have doubts about commitment or that these are not clearly defined, don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Only your own decisions will lead to a balanced outcome.


There is a lot building up behind the scenes or in a way that is not open and obvious.  Your feelings can be telling you a lot but this doesn’t change the fact that there is not much you can do but wait for things to surface.  Others you need to deal with can be edgy and if they have any authority they can be unpredictable.


Pressure is easing off which could lead to more activity with friends or involvement with a group of people.  There can be a lot to enjoy, though you might need to be careful that you do not overdo it.  Alternative ideas can be presented to you, which could alter you view of future possibilities.  Be prepared to investigate thoroughly.


Any pressure between work and family commitments could reach a head especially if your attention has been waning where family matters are concerned.  You can feel under enough strain as it is without having another layer added to it.  There is no way avoiding the need to commit to both sides of this situation for a while.


You would get a lot out of travel over the next month, where it will free you from having to worry about what others are expecting.  If you can’t travel it can be a matter of freeing yourself from situations where the demands of others are too close for comfort.  You need to find some time for focussing on future goals.


Someone can change their position without warning, leaving you to wonder why.  You can be dealing with a level of secrecy that makes you uncomfortable mainly because you like to be the secretive one.  Your best approach is to wait things out because whatever you say is likely to be interpreted differently to your intentions.


The Lunar Eclipse this week occurs in your sign, bringing all sorts of things to a head that will have a lot to do with your life in the next 6 months.  How you react or deal with others can play a big role.  It is more about their expectations of you than the other way around.  You might realise how they set out to control you as well.


There is a lot building up that will require you to deal with more detail or pay greater attention to detail in some way.  You need to take care of your health, which might only mean getting sufficient rest so you have the energy to deal with what is necessary.  It may feel as though there are no rewards.  They will come later.


What gives or provides pleasure in your life needs to be your paramount focus.  Friends or involvement with a group of people could play a strong role.  For some reason you might find out who your true friends are over the next 6 months.  There are obligations you cannot avoid but they should not obliterate pleasures in life.


There is a strong focus on matters that need to be put in place, that might involve family or home but not necessarily.  This has a lot to do with personal needs or wishes.  It will not be possible without commitment.  It is this area that can seem boundless.  It might be that your ideas are too broad and need to narrow down.