Forecast Week Beginning 8th April 2013

1 April 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


The New Moon occurs in your sign this week, joining Mars and Venus.  This is excellent for establishing new directions when it comes to situations involving yourself and others.  They are prepared to agree with your suggestions but it would be wise of you to wonder if they are really happy, or it could cause problems later.


Whatever you have been wondering about of late can now seem to turn in a new direction.  You might also realise what actions you should take in the future though you still need to wait for the right times to present themselves.  Your energy level will not be high but it is life’s way of getting you to rest and think about things.


You can realise it is time to establish new priorities.  This will have a lot to do with ongoing pressure or obligations that have had an unpredictable edge since early February.  Part of this can be realising that some things are not as important as you once thought they were.  It now means you know what you are prepared to accept.


People who have authority can decide it is time to do things differently.  They can be rather dominant in their approach.  This could alter the obligations they expect you to accept.  They may set out to break down the ways you have established things so far.  There is not much you can do but bide your time, as better things will come.


There can be new things to learn that will make a difference to your life in the long term.  It may also be that you will realise a different approach that can be taken with something you have believed in for quite some time.  Someone who has been a mystery could begin to come out of themself, revealing quite a different side.


Situations with others that have been taking a very unpredictable path since early February will now move onto the next stage.  This creates a new direction in some way but you may feel none the wiser or that you have not got any further with answers than before.  Secrets won’t be coming to the surface anytime soon.


New directions other people want to take that involve or include you will likely suit them more than you.  If you have been analysing them or your position since early February, the time has come for this to be openly discussed.  They may have appreciated you more than you realise and if so, they will now say this to you.


The frustration of either being held back or having to hold yourself back keeps building though new directions are beginning to take shape.  Any changes require you to put details in place and sort matters out in their right order.  When the time is right for matters to start moving out in the open it will be one thing after another.


Whatever you have been trying to put into place since February that hasn’t taken a straightforward path, can now begin to fall into place like magic.  The more creative you have been, the better will be the results.  It may also open up new opportunities that will take off quickly.  Do not feel you have to take big risks – it is unnecessary.


You can begin to put ideas you have had or plans you have been mulling over, into place.  If you have been gathering information you should now have a much clearer impression of how this needs to be dealt with to get a good foundation in place for further development.  Matters connected to home and family can settle down too.


Busy times can get busier with even more distractions.  You could feel it is time you took a new approach, particularly when it comes to putting your ideas forward or generally entering into discussion.  Manoeuvre conversation in such a way that others have to respond otherwise they can leave you to do all the talking.


Finally Mercury will move on from your sign where it has been since early February.  This has given you plenty of time to think and rethink your position without necessarily making any final decision.  Now you need to be more single minded and make a choice.  You need to act on what you consider important to you in life.